Why have Geneseas’ tilapia on your establishment’s menu?

Continuity of supply year-round
Through our programmed harvesting, we have constant supply during all year. We have been exporting to the US and European market for 10 years, benefiting ourselves from the largest airline schedule in Latin America, which allow us to have daily deliveries to our overseas clients.

Wide acceptance
Tilapia is a good source of protein and several essential minerals and vitamins. Geneseas’ Tilapia is 100% natural, free of additives, preservatives and/or hormones, packing a clean, fresh and consistent taste.

Traceability and Food safety
As a vertically integrated company, we have complete knowledge and responsibility for every step of our operation. We are committed to proper and accurate record keeping, ensuring immediate traceability of each product.

Food safety
We adhere to industry’s strictest food safety requirements by holding national and international certificates (SIF and HACCP). We do not use chemicals or growth promoters at our fish farms, neither preservatives nor additives during processing.

Quality that comes to the surface
GeneSeas spares no effort to develop, install and maintain an industrial and productive structure that, above all, offers its consumers reliability, health and pleasure.

Our dedicated Quality Control specialists closely monitors all aspects of the process and is continuously making improvements to the system.
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