Better for your health
Tilapia is a good source of protein and presents a small amount of calories since it has no trans-fatty acids nor carbohydrates. It is a source of several essential minerals and vitamins, such as phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B12, which is indispensable for cells proper functioning. Furthermore, it is a boneless fish and provides many nutrients to sustain a healthy heart, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

GeneSeas strives to bring consumers the excellence of this fish species. We cultivate our tilapia in river net-tanks at the second largest freshwater reservoir in the country, which has one of the cleanest and purest waters. By conducting regular water monitoring tests, we assure that the ecosystems of our reservoirs remains healthy.

Believe us: taking care of your health is pleasurable!

Easy to prepare
Tilapia is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare in several ways: roasted, grilled or even as sashimi or ceviche. Preparation will not take more than 10 minutes. See the recipes on our website and learn different dishes applications for this wonderful white fish.
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