See the milestones of our history using the timeline

  • 2001The beginning of the company:

    Extent research over 4 countries (USA, Chile, Equator and Brazil) and 14 different states in Brazil. Technical and economic viability research of eligible species to farm.
  • 2002Beginning of operations:

    Beginning of fingerlings cultivation at farming station in Promissão, state of São Paulo.
  • 2003First net-tank cultivation:

    Implantation of the first fish farm and cultivation, with processing taking place in third-party industry.
  • 2004USA:

    Inauguration of own processing plant and first export to the United States of America.
  • 2006Awarded the “Exporta São Paulo” prize:

    First export to Europe.
  • 2007Ilha Solteira:

    Implantation of the second fish farm and cultivation at Ilha Solteira dam.
  • 2013Portfolio diversification:

    Customer n.º 1000 and beginning of salmon sales and distribution.
  • 2015Capital injection:

    Investment fund Aqua Capital acquires 100% of the company. With the transaction, Geneseas gains great financial capability to invest in expansion and development projects.
  • 2016New processing plant:

    Our new processing plant, with greater processing capacity and more modern equipment is inaugurated in Aparecida do Taboado – MS.