Geneseas has available one of the biggest and most advanced tilapia fingerlings cultivation site, producing more than 10 million fingerlings a year. Since hatchery all the way to processing, we focus on offering the best quality products possible. To achieve that, we have to have high quality fingerlings and juveniles all year long, thus guaranteeing constant supply for our customers.

We praise for smart planning in order to count with a solid and constant production. In that sense, we have strict calendars on our fish farms and excavated tanks field operations. We stand out as one of the biggest and best in juvenile production in tanks, with abundance of high quality feed to the fish. We were also responsible, for more than 10 years, for fish re-population in hydroelectric power plants’ dams located in the state of São Paulo, which gave us great expertise on reproduction and fingerlings cultivation. Through the partnership with universities and research centers, we support genetic improvement programs, guaranteeing higher efficiency on re-population programs.
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